If you have been a victim of assault or abuse and you reside in New Mexico, you may file for protection from the alleged perpetrator. New Mexico courts can issue restraining orders to protect victims from any further events of assault or abuse. However, receiving protection from a restraining order is a complicated process as the victim needs to produce proper petitions and proof to the court justifying the protection order.

Types of Restraining Orders in New Mexico

Under the Family Violence Prevention Act, the courts can order an abusive partner not to contact or come near you, your home, your place of employment, etc. If the abuser violates an order of protection, he/she may face serious criminal charges.

  1. When someone is subjected to abuse by a household member, he/she may file a petition for a restraining order from the abuser. Once approved, the abuser won’t be allowed to be near the victim, and if the abuser violates the law, he/she will be subject to criminal punishment.
  2. If someone who is not a household member is harassing or abusing you, then a civil restraining order may be the best course of action.

Attorney Edward Lovato and Lovato Law are adept in handling protection orders and civil restraining orders so you can live your life freely and peacefully without fear of continuing threats or abuse.

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What is a protection order against domestic violence?

Typically, domestic violence means any crime committed against you or your family members. Here are some examples:

  • Any physical abuse like physical or sexual assaults, etc.
  • Chronic emotional and psychological torture
  • A threat of harming you or any other member of the household
  • Any criminal threat to the property and the associated assets
  • Attempt to murder

Attorney Edward Lovato and Lovato Law offers consultation and legal services in securing protection orders.