No matter the types of asset, it is important to have a Will to protect you and your family’s future. A Will is a form of a legal document where you express your last wish, and after your death, the court follows the document and ensures that your requests are being followed.

The writer of the Will must be a mentally competent adult (age 18 or over) and your Will must be made willingly without undue influence from another person. If you anticipate problems about mental competence, you ought to consider including a doctor’s assessment of your competence at the time of the signing of the Will.

The Will must be:

  • In writing (hand-written or typed). If it is hand-written, same pen or pencil should be used for the entire document.
  • Signed and dated at the bottom by you.
  • Witnessed by at least two people. The witnesses must all be present when you sign the Will and should sign with the same pen you use to sign.
  • Will must distribute your assets.

What does a Will do in New Mexico?

The Will is one of the most critical documents to you and your family’s future, meant for protecting one’s assets after the death of the testator. That being said, the functions of a will or a testament vary, depending on what type of will it is.

Standards that a Will or a Testament document is bound to perform.

  1. The Will passes the ownership and the legal rights to the heirs in particular mentioned in the document.
  2. If the intention is not defined correctly, state law may intervene.
  3. Wills can be used in preventing certain persons from inheriting your assets.
  4. You can also select an Executor of your estate and its assets.
  5. If you are leaving behind minor children, then wills will help you to appoint a legal guardian until the child(ren) can become capable of making their own decisions legally.
  6. If you are nominating your minor children as the heir of some assets including estates, then via wills, you can appoint a guardian of the asset till the children become of the age.
  7. You can also establish various trusts through the wills.

How will we help you to write a Will?

Being an experienced law firm in New Mexico, we will help you to write a will with all the terms and conditions you wish to put in it.

  • We will legally write all the terms and conditions so that no mistakes exist.
  • We will help you understand the pros and cons of your Will.
  • We will verify the witnesses and conduct the signing process.

Attorney Edward Lovato and Lovato Law will ensure that everything is completed as per New Mexico laws and regulations to avoid any future legal complications.