Being a father is one of the best feelings in the world and comes with important rights and obligations.That’s why New Mexico has enacted laws to ensure the biological father’s parental rights and obligations are protected and enforced. Whether you’re looking to assert your rights as a father or whether you need help ensuring the father of your child meets his obligations, Lovato Law, P.C. is here to help you throughout the parentage process.

What Are The Terms Of Paternal Lawsuits?

By virtue of paternal lawsuits, a biological father can be granted legal rights regarding his children. It isn’t necessary to be married to ensure these rights. Sometimes when paternity is in doubt, it may be necessary to establish paternity for individual rights and obligations to become apparent.

Paternity suits in which paternity is determined through a blood test may be brought so that a biological father can secure visitation rights, or a mother can secure child support from a father who is unwilling to pay. In some cases, it is necessary to bring a paternity suit, but paternity can also be established through a signed acknowledgment of paternity.

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What is the Legal Significance Of Establishing Paternity?

In New Mexico, parentage cases involve the adjudication of paternity and establish the rights and obligations of the parents. Here are the most considered legal issues regarding a parentage lawsuit.

  1. The parentage lawsuit will establish legal parental rights and obligations of the father.
  2. In establishing paternity, the court ensures that the child or children is/are getting proper financial support from the parents.
  3. A parentage lawsuit strengthens the relations between a father and a child to a great extent by formally recognizing the legal relationship between a father and child. This is called the adjudication of paternity.
  4. It is important for a child to know and understand who their father is and the establishment of a paternity lawsuit gives a fair chance for the child to know.

How To Establish Paternity In New Mexico?

At our law firm, we will help you to establish paternity via a parentage action. Attorney Edward W. Lovato and Lovato Law, P.C. are well experienced in this area. We will assist you in establishing a legal relationship with your child and making sure your parental rights are protected.